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React Ecosystem - Server side rendering with Next.js

27 Jun, 2020

In the previous post, we created a BlogPost application with React and Redux and managed global state with Redux. We will extend the same application and will introduce Next.js for server-side rendering. The bigger benefit of using Next.js is pre-rendering of the page along with automatic code-splitting, static site export, CSS-in-JS.


React Ecosystem - Static site generation with Next.js

29 Jun, 2020

In the previous post, We created a BlogPost application rendering content on server-side with Next.js. We will be changing the same application to use SSG (Static Generation) capability of Next.js.


React Ecosystem - Deploying Next.js application to Netlify

30 Jun, 2020

etlify provides global scale platfom for web projects without any server, devops and infrastructure setup. It has a good support deploy static and dynamic site and you can start your project for free.


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